Does this sound familiar?

You’ve tried using social media to market your business.

But it’s just not going anywhere.

You don’t have a huge list of dedicated fans. 

You get very little reach and engagement from your posts.

And at the end of the day, you don’t feel that your efforts are resulting in dollars in your bank account.

Worst of all, you’re spending too much of your time focusing on social media, when you should be concentrating on what you are best at – running your business.

At 460 Communications, we have come up with a solution that will provide you with a customized strategy to help you achieve your social media goals.

Have you ever wished you had a coach in your corner?

How can you get private, one-on-one social media coaching from our team?

We talk to people every single day who are struggling to grow their business.

Most of them are working way too many hours, and are desperate to find new ways to gain exposure and increase sales.

They have heard that social media can be an effective tool, but they don’t know how to leverage it properly to achieve results.

And what so many of these business owners are looking for is a coach.

Someone to help them make sense of the constantly evolving digital landscape.

Someone to tell them which social media channels to focus their efforts on, as the list of platforms seems to grow daily.

Someone to give them personalized and individualized help to form a custom strategy that helps them connect with their unique audience.

Someone who’ll chat with them directly to provide ideas for advertising campaigns and content. 

Or for those business owners who have shied away from utilizing social media at all, they need someone to tell them how to get started. 

And that’s exactly what we are going to do. We are going to be the social coach in your corner! 

Like any marketing tool, you are not going to see results overnight (we don’t believe in making false promises), but by following the customized strategy that our team develops; your business will start to achieve some measurable results.

Our goal is to show you how to leverage social media for your business and provide you with actionable tips that you are comfortable implementing on your own. You’ll no longer be spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to make it work. You will be busy developing content that achieves results.

So, here is how social coaching works:

To start, we will have you fill out a briefing document that will provide our team with a snapshot of your current social media efforts. We will use this document to conduct an audit on your social media channels, so it is important to provide as much detail as possible. 

Once we have reviewed your briefing document, we will arrange our first coaching session to discuss your goals and review your strategy. Coaching sessions will be held via Skype, so that you can sign-in from anywhere. We will have multiple times available throughout the week, so whether you are looking for coaching during the morning, over the lunch hour, during the evenings or on the weekend, we will have something to accommodate your needs. 

The fee for our initial meeting to review your briefing document and audit your social media channels is $100 (normally valued at $250), but it is a crucial step in determining your goals and objectives. 

From here, our team will make a recommendation as to what social media coaching package is right for your business, based on your skill-level, capacity, overall goals and budget.

By signing up for social media coaching, you will have access to:

  • Tailored advice on branding, content and advertising strategies 
  • Tips on how to review your analytics to develop effective content 
  • Audience analysis 
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group accessible only to our social coaching clients. We will share all of the cutting-edge new trends here
  • The ability to reach your coach at any time over email 
  • The confidence that you are putting your time and resources into a winning social media strategy

Why social media coaching?

Social media coaching is much different that investing in an online course. This is NOT a generic training course. There won’t be different modules to work through. We have kept this program much more organic so that we can customize and tailor each element of your strategy to suit your specific needs. This is how we work with our clients face-to-face, and we don’t want to change it up now!

Are you committed to making a change?

In order for this coaching program to work, it is important to ensure that each of our clients is committed to the process. Our team is serious about helping you achieve results, so you need to be serious about making a change.

Do NOT sign up for coaching unless:

1. You are willing to work hard

2. You are open to trying new ideas

3. You are comfortable adapting strategy as needed

4. You are willing to dedicate yourself to social media for at least one year (coaching does not need to last the year, but your commitment to the process does)

5. You want to develop a sustainable long-term strategy

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